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Post-conference thoughts

May 2, 2008

some thoughts after JA-SIG in St. Paul

  • i always struggle with this: two nice double beds in a hotel room, one little person. what do you do? four people could sleep comfortably… how wasteful. i used one as a closet and slept in the other. did anyone figure out how to make good use of both beds? antranig says “you could trampoline between them all night.”
  • when githens says he’s going to the bar to code, he means it.
  • Kuali is a much bigger project than i thought. they’ve got a huge team, tight timelines, and tons of stuff to do. people in the room seemed to have subtly different opinions about how the 4 months (until their “config app” delivery) should be spent.
  • antranig is a chatbot even in person.
  • minneapolis is north of toronto!!! when i got there it was snowing!!! who would’ve thought. i brought spring and summer clothes only and got screwed.
  • “flaming” user testing presentation

c’est tout.